1. Getting Started

1.1 Navigating Within a Studio 

1.2 Creating your First Post

1.3 Creating your First Presentation

1.4 Logging in for the First Time

1.5 The Basics of the Slide Editor

1.6 How Do I Reset my Password?

  2. Slide Editor

2.1 Different Types of Content

2.2 Master List of Tools

2.3 Replacing Images

2.4 The Basics of the Slide Editor

2.5 Creating your First Presentation

3. Posts

3.1 Modifying an Existing Post

3.2 Publish Post Tools

3.3 Slide Deck Tools

3.4 Making the Most Out of Your Posts

3.5 Creating your First Post

4. Miscellaneous 

4.1 Collaborating on the Platform

4.2 School-Level Settings

4.3 What are the Differences Between the Old and the New Editor?

4.4 What are the Different File Formats and How Should I Be Using Them?

5. Platform Updates 

5.1 Monthly Platform Updates

6.1 Screen Capture Guide

6.2 Proper Bug Reporting