Navigating within a Studio


At first glance, the Studio structure might be overwhelming. The goal of this post is to go over what a studio is at first glance. We will talk about broad overviews, what you see when you enter a studio and basic navigation. For next steps, check out Creating your First Post or Creating your First Presentation.

What is a Studio?

At first glance, a studio is a collection of visual resources, text posts, embedded videos, assignments, portfolios and much more. Studios are the bread and butter of the NuVu experience. Our studio model is centered on visually-based media and content, and designed specifically for studio-based teaching and learning. A studio-based teaching environment is highly dynamic, with different phases and parts of projects happening simultaneously and also at their own paces. The platform is a tool that provides a structure for that process while also being flexible. Instructors can clearly communicate the intent and resources of the studio, and students can access and engage with these resources as needed.

What do I see in a Studio?

Refer to the picture above. Studios are split into Tabs. Each tab can be thought of as their own folder within the framework of the studio. When a studio is created, a preset number of tabs are created. This often includes tabs such as: Info, Calendar, Updates, Resources, Assignments, Projects, Feed. There are a few different types of tabs, each with their own type of content included inside. There are: 


  • A culmination of all posts in the studio. Everything posted in the studio will appear in this tab. This tab is searchable using @'s, #'s and Titles of Posts


  • An area to create sub folders. The assignments tab will typically host a variety of folders full of student work. This is a great spot to put introductory activities, small group exercise, or any work done before starting final projects. Each sub folder has sub tabs which can be configured in a studios settings. This tab is Coach-Access level and students can only post in the responses tab of each folder.


  • An area to create sub folders. The projects tab is similar to the Assignments Tab above with some slight differences. The most major of these is the type of work that goes here. The Projects tab should be used for Student Project Folders. Each project folder should have students added as co-editors, allowing them write access to their folders. These Student Project folders host all of a groups work throughout the studio.


  • A visually-based media and content feed of posts. The posts tab type is the most common and basic tab option. It is highly modular and can be catered towards many needs. It is a collection of visually-based media and text based content. The most common uses of it are Info, Announcements and Updates tabs. It is the bread and butter of the NuVu platform model. 


  • An embedded Calendar for studio organization. The Calendar tab type creates a calendar that can be organized in Day, Week or Month view. All options are configurable and events are able to be added as Links or Assignments. 

Basic Navigation

From a first look, the name of the studio is prominently displayed in the center of the screen, Directly below it, the studio has a set of readily available tabs. Each tab contents unique information with the types of tabs listed above. Clicking each tab will open up our visually-based media and content feed.