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Navigation Bar

Below the slide window, there is a bar with features that help you navigate through your slide deck.

Slide Grid

Click on the Slide Grid icon. The Slide space will now display thumbnail images of all slides in your deck.

Rearrange Slides

You can rearrange slides in the Slide Editor Tool. Click the pencil on paper button in the bottom right corner of the editor to open up your presentation in the Slide Editor. For more information about the slide editor tool, please see our other tutorials. 

Caption Box

A caption can be added to every slide in the Caption Box. Only the first 120 characters of a caption are visible on a published post, so be brief. 

Simply click in the Add Caption prompt area and add your text. Click Save Caption to finish.

Tip: Can’t see captions below your slides? This is probably because your browser window is too narrow. Maximize the browser window and they should be visible. 

Tip: Can’t see captions below your slides? This option is not available on a Slide Editor presentation slide.