Modifications to an existing Saved or Published post can be made by clicking the gear icon at the top right of the post. If no gear icon is visible, you do not have permissions to edit the post. 

Edit Post

You can edit a Saved or Published post by clicking on the gear icon and selecting Edit Post.

Delete Post

Deletes selected post from the site. If copies of the post exist elsewhere on the platform, they will be preserved.

Copy Post

You can copy this post to any location on the site where you have permission to create content. 

Click the Paste button (to the right of the Create a Post prompt bar) in the tab where you would like to place the copied post.


You can add Student collaborators to any post that you make. Adding another user as a collaborator means that they will be able to edit the post, and that the post will appear on their User Profile page. 

Note that only one user can edit a post at a time. Coordinate with your collaborators to ensure that you are not attempting to edit a post at the same time. 

Additional Info

If your post includes a presentation, a few more options are available.

Edit Presentation

Clicking Edit Presentation will take you directly to the slide editor. 


Export Presentation

Clicking Export Presentation will start a download for the selected presentation on your computer. Each slide will be exported into its own JPEG file with an encompassing folder for all the slides. 

Delete Presentation

Clicking Delete Presentation will delete the currently selected presentation. This is a permanent action and should be used sparingly. 

Toggle Header

Clicking Toggle Header will change the formatting at the top of a presentation. With a Header on, information such as: Profile Picture, Name, Date and Privacy settings are shown at the top of a presentation. With a Header off, all information shown with the header on will be hidden. The only information shown will be the name of the post.


When a post is ready to be published, there are some final settings to consider at the bottom of the Create A Post view.


When you publish a post, you have options for who will see the post. The default setting is usually School.

Project: Students explicitly listed as members of that Project.

Studio: Any student enrolled in your Studio.

School: Any student enrolled in the School.

Public: Visible to anyone who visits the link, no login required.


You can allow or disallow Comments on your posts by clicking the radio button. Any students enrolled in your Studio, along with Faculty and Staff, will be able to comment on a post. The default setting is Allow.

Notify Participants

Checking this radio button sends an email alert to everyone in the Studio or everyone in the Project, depending on where the post is located. 


At the bottom of the Create a Post window, you have three options:


Cancels your draft post. No work is saved or preserved.


Saves your post as a Draft. This Draft is only visible to you. If you add a collaborator to a draft post, they will be able to see it as well.

Posts that have been Saved as drafts appear only as a black title - no body of the post will be visible. Saved posts may also appear as Untitled Post in grey, if you did not title the post before Saving. Click the gear icon next to the title to edit this post or Publish.


Publishes your post to the site. Post is visible to the user group defined under the Privacy setting. 

Refer to our Video Tutorials to learn more. Introduction to Creating Posts.