How to embed a Google Presentation on the Website


While it is much more convenient to create content inside the NuVu Slide Editor, sometimes work from other websites (such as Google slides) needs to be shown. Using the embed feature, we can easily add content from these websites.

Preparing your Content (Google Slides)

If you're working out of google slides, follow these steps.

  1. Head to google slides, open up the presentation you'd like to embed
  2. Click on Share in the top right of your presentation
  3. Click on Get Link and change the share settings to Anyone with the link can view
  4. Click Copy Link and head back to the NuVu Website
  5. Congrats! From here we will head to the next section which covers embedding in depth

Once we have prepped our content in the section above, we need to actually embed it. Follow the steps below to finish the embedding process.
  1. After clicking "Create a Post", find the button labeled Embed. This will open up a new text box to enter a url 
  2. Take your public Google Slides link from earlier and paste it into the newly appeared text box
  3. Click Embed, if done successfully, your presentation will now appear. Otherwise, you will be given a "Invalid Url" error. Try to follow the steps in the Preparing Your Content section again, not setting your presentation to public is the most common problem when following this process