Memory Matrix Pixels: The Library at Leuven and Lost Knowledge

After our class discussions, I liked the idea of having text as well as a symbolic image to create a pair of pixels referring to the same loss of culture. I think this adds an extra level of interaction when there is a snippet of a larger story that can intrigue the viewer to explore the stories further.

I am considering two symbols for the Library at the University of Leuven, because one is probably too broad (the burning book symbol), while the other symbol may not immediately connect as the loss of knowledge as opposed to the architecture. However, the one with the building outline is site-specific, which is definitely an important theme to address. I decided to use the design of the building that exists today, since it was a replica of the building that existed between the World Wars and was destroyed. 

I wanted to keep the amount of text on the second pixel as minimal as possible, writing just enough words to make the viewer interested, but not too much to crowd the pixel. The text pixel is a part of a broader commentary on the loss of knowledge. Because of this, I am leaning towards a pairing of the building outline and the text pixel, because in this way, the two pixels together can complete the story of the burning of a library - not only is it the loss of architecture, but a loss of knowledge. I kept the font Arial, because it is a well known, legible, simple font, and doesn't distract from the message being communicated.